Podcast Advertisers

Blast Podcast’s proprietary technology brings together publishers and advertisers. Our software matches publisher content against your specific target markets. This maximizes the effectiveness of your Podcast exposure. Blast Podcast’s tracking mechanisms ensure you have detailed and up to date, real time statistics.

Podcasting vs. Broadcasting

Traditional broadcasting technologies such as television and radio rely on “pushing” their programming to users. Podcasting, on the other hand, is a “pull” technology. What this means is that users choose to listen to, or watch, what they want, when they want. As an advertiser, you can leverage this platform to target relevant ads to a captive audience.

More About the Advertisements

Audio ads are typically 10 to 20 seconds and may be inserted at the beginning, end or middle of the show. Who creates the ads? Ads can be created by either you or Blast Podcast. Video, audio and voice Over services, including multi-language and accent localization, are available through the Blast Podcast studio services.

Video ad campaigns can also include pre-roll or post-roll elements as well as opt-in “episodes” for campaigns that include value-added audience incentives.

We spend a lot of our day discussing ad campaign strategies for Podcasting with advertisers and media buyers. Let us present you with the structural options for your creative team to consider.

Video and audio Podcasting is an uncluttered space. Be Here Now!

Still not sure how it all works? Any questions? Contact Us.

Recommended Reading

The Rise of Lifestyle Media (PDF, 1 MB)

2005-6: Over 500 BlastChannels signed

Arts & Entertainment
Audio Blogs
Movies and TV
Music News
Public Radio
Religion & Spirituality
Talk Radio
2006: BlastPlayer expands the BlastNetwork to include non-Hosted Channels

Current: “Sneak Peek– New Content Arrivals”

Advertisers and Media Buyers, please CONTACT US for more information with regard to advertising and sponsorship opportunities for New Content that is being signed to the Network…Pending high-traffic Categories include:

Male Female Category
14-19 Humor
16-24 Sports
25-39 25-39 Politics
25-39 Family/Travel * w/crossover to F/’tweens
21-34 Alternative Travel/Lifestyle
21-34 Technology
6-10 6-10 Kids (plus 25-34 Mothers)
Check back frequently for updates or please submit your Client’s campaign for us to Content-match with off-Network accounts.

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