Podcast Advertisers

Blast Podcast’s proprietary technology brings together publishers and advertisers. Our software matches publisher content against your specific target markets. This maximizes the effectiveness of your Podcast exposure. Blast Podcast’s tracking mechanisms ensure you have detailed and up to date, real time statistics.

Podcasting vs. Broadcasting

Traditional broadcasting technologies such as television and radio rely on “pushing” their programming to users. Podcasting, on the other hand, is a “pull” technology. What this means is that users choose to listen to, or watch, what they want, when they want. As an advertiser, you can leverage this platform to target relevant ads to a captive audience.

More About the Advertisements

Audio ads are typically 10 to 20 seconds and may be inserted at the beginning, end or middle of the show. Who creates the ads? Ads can be created by either you or Blast Podcast. Video, audio and voice Over services, including multi-language and accent localization, are available through the Blast Podcast studio services.

Video ad campaigns can also include pre-roll or post-roll elements as well as opt-in “episodes” for campaigns that include value-added audience incentives.

We spend a lot of our day discussing ad campaign strategies for Podcasting with advertisers and media buyers. Let us present you with the structural options for your creative team to consider.

Video and audio Podcasting is an uncluttered space. Be Here Now!

Still not sure how it all works? Any questions? Contact Us.

Recommended Reading

The Rise of Lifestyle Media (PDF, 1 MB)

2005-6: Over 500 BlastChannels signed

Arts & Entertainment
Audio Blogs
Movies and TV
Music News
Public Radio
Religion & Spirituality
Talk Radio
2006: BlastPlayer expands the BlastNetwork to include non-Hosted Channels

Current: “Sneak Peek– New Content Arrivals”

Advertisers and Media Buyers, please CONTACT US for more information with regard to advertising and sponsorship opportunities for New Content that is being signed to the Network…Pending high-traffic Categories include:

Male Female Category
14-19 Humor
16-24 Sports
25-39 25-39 Politics
25-39 Family/Travel * w/crossover to F/’tweens
21-34 Alternative Travel/Lifestyle
21-34 Technology
6-10 6-10 Kids (plus 25-34 Mothers)
Check back frequently for updates or please submit your Client’s campaign for us to Content-match with off-Network accounts.

Podcast Publishers

Publishers / Content Providers

Are you a content producer or provider? A broadcast producer, distributor or someone who stays up ’til 3:00am producing your own show? Well, we believe your content is valuable, in real monetary terms, which is why we have developed the most aggressive revenue share model in the Podcasting industry. Solutions for non-hosted publishers who can use the BlastPlayer without changing feeds. Sign up.

How it All Works

Blast Podcast’s proprietary technology brings together Podcast content providers and advertisers. Our BP Ad Engine matches your Podcast content against specific target markets requested by advertisers. Because these markets are so focused your Podcast’s have their greatest value and therefore demand the highest advertising rates, which means more revenue for you. We also host and serve up your content so you don’t have to worry about bandwidth charges. Blast Podcast’s tracking mechanisms ensure you have the most up to date and current statistics.

Reasons to use Blast Podcast

Earn revenue from your content
Eliminate bandwidth costs
Feed Management (RSS/iTunes compliant)
File Management
5 Easy Steps
Create your Podcast or shape your content for Podcasting
Upload content to our server
Monitor your statistics
Participate in direct ad revenues
Video and audio podcasting is an uncluttered space with a clean and audience-friendly delivery structure.

Are you a Publisher with an in-house Ad Department? Online Newspaper or Magazine?
BlastPodcast provides turnkey solutions that work in association with your own Advertising Department to manage and monetize your audio and video podcast content. The BlastPodcast system encourages both regional and national advertising revenue, including local bid management, flat sponsorship rates and bundling of media buys across your print and online space in association with premium advertising real estate derived from podcasting.

Be Here Now.

Recommended Reading

The Rise of Lifestyle Media (PDF, 1 MB)

The “Lifestyle Media” world is flat. In the eyes and ears of the Audience, both “branded” and “homegrown” content co-exist as equals. The BlastNetwork serves up both varieties to the Internet, mobile and (soon) wireless digital content consumer (Internet-to-mobile audio Podcasting is a reality today; video will be shortly). It doesn’t matter to the Audience if your 3-minute production cost $350,000 or $35 to produce. They want, and will find, both. If “branded” content is only available under a paid-model, not ad-supported, then Audiences will continue to migrate more heavily toward ad-supported “homegrown” content or, they will find methods to freely acquire “branded” content. The Blast Podcast solution accepts the “flat media world” model and levels the playing field. For professional, branded productions, the BlastNetwork distribution platform is only one of many distribution licenses you will enter into. Your theatrical, high-definition, broadcast, terrestrial or satellite radio or other Rights will continue to thrive. Ideally, the value of those Rights will increase through your audience-building efforts through Blast Podcast while you are deriving strong revenues from your BlastNetwork Channel. For homegrown content producers, why be aligned under a network with branded content? It’s simple. Advertisers are looking to be disbursed across both varieties in a single media buy.

Be Here Now.


Content Owners are responsible for placing Copyright and/or Creative Commons meta-data on each Episode during registration (actually, if you leave this field blank, we won’t process your episode). Content Owners should also place notices directly on their content, in accordance with Copyright laws. However, the BlastNetwork does not include End-User alienating “digital rights management” controls (i.e. the End User can copy and duplicate your content onto whichever device they consume their content from; and, they can watch it again — and again — because they enjoy it). This is a winning model for Audiences, Publishers and Advertisers.

If your content is really interesting, or, has already been distributed on television or radio (and, is really interesting), there is an extremely high chance that it is already available online, at not cost, and without any revenue flowing back to you. So, you can either (a) engage lawyers to track this down and send out C&D; notices (who makes money under this scenario?), or, (b) you can make the same content available to Audiences at no cost, where you are monetizing the content with Blast Podcast. For video, 320×240 768Kbps H.264 looks great today; but, these files do not impact broadcast or high-definition Rights or Library value. We believe that by satisfying Audiences through your Channel on the BlastNetwork today, you will derive loyalty and increased value to your other Rights for the long-term. This formula is designed to minimize digital theft (if something is already “free,” why steal it?); it’s not perfect, you may still need to send out C&D; notices, just not as many.